Thailand travel experience: There are some things to remember


To international adventures, Thailand is one of the most attractive countries in Southeast Asia. Thailand is such a favorite destination for many people that they call it “the country of golden pagodas”, “tourist paradise”, “shopping paradise”, “land of friendly smiles” … Beautiful landscape, majestic pagodas, and temples, state to art entertainment centers,… are waiting for you guys. However, here are some basic things you need to remember.

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First thing to remember

  • Always bring your passport with you – this is a very important tip for you to have a smooth trip, keep it somewhere confidential, don.t put it in the wallet together with cash, cards, or papers,……
  • Write the phone of the Embassy of your countries in Thailand, in case of unexpected situations, or contact TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), which is quite opened and enthusiastic, generally friendly.
  • Thai people speak English very well and it is quite easy to understand, don’t be shy to use English.
  • Do not bargain when going shopping, except for in Patpong market. But you should remember that calculators are available in every shop.
  • Always carry a map with you so that Tuk Tuk driver cannot trick your wallets. You should take away several maps in the airport which are for free, don’t just take one sheet only because during your trip you will use the map for so many times that it is rumpled and wiped out.
Thai passport stamp via Wikimedia commons

Booking flight tickets:

Cheap airline tickets are now available from many carriers. You guys can choose Air Asia or Nok Air, the earlier you book the cheaper it is. Online booking is cheaper than booking at the box office, but if you want to book online, you must have a credit card (preferably Visa credit card) or debit card. Ticket prices range from $80- $160 per passenger, depending on the time and the airline carriers. If you go on a low-cost-carrier you ‘d better bring some food with you because there are no meals on the plane.

Booking rooms

Online reservations can be made on many sites, for example, They require a credit or debit card. You Should book in advance so that the cost would be much lower. Double rooms from $ 20- $ 25 / night are available (not shimmering but not too bad, the price includes breakfast). A room including breakfast is preferred.
Where to go shopping:

Remember: all shops and supermarkets are only open from 10-10h30 (some may open from 9.30am), do not go too early or you will have to stand outside and wait. The market is open sooner.

  • Casual clothing, low-cost jewelry, electronics: Pratunam. This area has a row of large supermarkets crammed together selling clothes and popular costume; Hardly any quotes but little talk. The new Platinum Supermarket is also pretty good. Pantip Plaza is so well known, selling computer components, electronics
  • Luxury clothing and jewelry, luxury home appliances: Siam. This area is a chain of luxury supermarkets that supply high quality and worth buying goods including Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Central World… There are various famous brands in the world here: Marks and Spencer, CK, Zara, Next, Miss 60, Guess, MNG, Axara …
  • Supermarkets complex area: can be found easily on the map, it is easy to walk from one supermarket to the other.
  • Chatuchak weekend market –  an “on the map” market. A lot of home decor and jewelry (especially silver) which are beautiful and slightly expensive. The market Open from about 6h-18h n Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Friday is only for wholesale). From central Bangkok to Chatuchak you can use Skytrain, fast and cheap.
  • Suan Lum Night Bazaar, cannot be missed. Open from approximately 18h30 to 24h daily.  This market is so large and the pathway system is so complicated that you must use a map to find the way out. You can find anything you want as long as it exists in the world clothing, furniture, electronics, ….
  • Patpong: Night market, go for watching only, is full of counterfeit goods.
  • Chinatown and Pahurat Market: You can buy auto parts, motorcycles cannot come here. But note that most of the weekend this market holiday, few shops open (new paradox)
  • Khao San Road: selling many “ethnic” goods, silver,…
Thai spicy hot pot via Opentour


  • Thai food is so spicy that you may find it hard to eat.
  • At the end of the day, a small cub of yogurt and a large bottle of La Vie in Seven 11 (minimart chains available in Bangkok) is enough for vitamin supplements
  • On the street, you can buy some  fruits  delicious and cool
  • The ice cream in Thailand is so tasty, it is available in commercial centers
  • Currency exchange is in every corner, rates may vary slightly, but generally not worth much.
  • You should bring credit or debit cards with you, in case your cash is lost or stolen.


  • If you are not familiar with the roads, just take a taxi. Cheap and much more comfortable than it’s neighbor such as Myanmar or Cambodia. From the airport to the hotel and vice versa, of course, take a taxi, about 300-400bath only. Please remember to keep the meter, do not bargain.
  • If you are not familiar with the roads, just take a taxi. Cheap and much more comfortable than it’s neghbor such as Myanmar or Cambodia. From the airport to the hotel and vice versa, of course, take a taxi, about 300-400bath only. Please remember to keep the meter, do not pay the price before gettin in the car, the cost is usually more expensive than it is calculated on the meter.
  • If you know the road, Make a tuk-tuk bargain. However, the tuk-tuk drivers usually have deals with jewelry centers so that they will try to convince you to drop by. If you don’t like to do so, you need to emphasize on where you want to go, how much you will pay.

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