Ten things should not bring too much when traveling


In order to make your trip convenient and comfortable, luggage packing is very important. There is nothing worse than after a trip you realize that you don’t even touch some items in the suitcase. Please read the article below carefully to limit the use of unnecessary items.

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Too many shampoos

Even if you are a perfectionism person and you always want to look neat and clean under any circumstance, do not bring lots of different shampoo. Instead, you can bring combs, toothbrushes, aromatherapy … If you plan to stay in a hotel, you may not need to bring these items. If the hotel that offers complimentary toiletries — use them! Don’t bring your own shampoo and conditioner bottles to the hotel and then stuff the hotel ones in your suitcase to take home. You’ll probably never use them at home


Women should pay attention to the hair to look more beautiful, however, do not bring hair dryer during the holiday. Even your dryer is so compact, a dryer is very troublesome because it takes a lot of space. If your hotel does not have a hairdryer, just let your hair dry naturally while wandering the streets.

Too many types of shoes

When traveling on a cruise, visiting a city or hiking, you should wear only 2 pairs of shoes. Depending on the location you choose to suit, such as the beach, just a pair of sports shoes and sandals. They must be flexible, compact and durable.

Hair dryer is unnecessary via Youtube

Camera devices

Before you bring the camera’s accessories you should ask yourself are they really necessary? Have you ever used tripods, flash? And do you really need three different lenses? A nice photo on Instagram after a holiday or trek trip does not matter as much as you enjoy it unless you are a photographer.

Specialized tools for exercise

You think that when you come to a new city, you will get up early and go for a jog. So, you try to stuff things like fitness shoes, clothes. However, when you travel you actually take a lot of movement so that gym exercise is definitely unnecessary. For more space, leave the exercise clothes at home.


Traveling is to relax, eat and play so why bring with you many technological types of equipment and then spend all your time on it? Think before putting your laptop, iPad, smartphone, and Kindle. Taking what you really need will make your pack lighter and allow you to really enjoy your free time without any distractions.

Too many books

Books are “best friends” on long trips or when waiting for the plane or train. If you are a book lover, take a Kindle. It is, surely, light and contains thousands of books. But if you just want to read “real book”, it’s a good idea to bring maximum 2 books, since you rarely read whole the book in one trip.

Guidebook? Several pages are enough via World of Wanderlust

Valuable items

Expensive items such as jewelry or souvenirs should not be worn when traveling because of the high risk of loss. Leave them at home help you protect your money and avoid thieves.

Too many clothes

Depending on the trip, you should choose proper types of clothes. If you combine your travel and a wedding, you’d better choose a beautiful, appropriate outfit.  You should not put too many options in one suitcase, this makes you more anxiety and your luggage become so bloated.


Jeans are very comfortable, dynamic, durable and can be combined with many different types of clothing. However, they are also heavy and take up a lot of space in a ball or suitcase. Jeans can be worn for a few days without washing, so just carry about 2 to 3 pieces of jeans.


Fluffy towels are very convenient, but just at home.  Carrying a full towel really takes a lot of space in your backpack.
You only need a single chapter or just a few pages of guidebook so, copy those pages and carry only the information you know you’ll need.

A final thought… Pack destination specific, but don’t pack anything you’re not sure you’ll use.  Go as light as possible and remember that almost everything you need can be purchased.  Take this strategy to heart and we guarantee every trip you take will become more enjoyable.

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