Significant notes before you travel to Thailand


Known for its islands, sand, and sea, the ‘Land of Smiles‘ is an ancient culture with much more to offer than just tourism. A major economy in South East Asia with a strong international outlook, Thailand is booming business-wise, attracting interests from around the globe.

Despite appearances, Thailand can be a culturally-challenging place. The heavy emphasis on masking true feelings requires the outside to work much harder in terms of how they communicate and relate to people. That is why we give you a free cultural guide to Thailand!

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1.Public Bathroom basics:

Public toilets in Thailand do not provide toilet paper in each room, so you should always carry some with you. They use a hose, but you should be careful when using it because the water pressure is quite strong.

2.Meet a transgender girl:

If you are male, you can meet the beautiful Thai girls who are tall, dazzling makeup and you will feel lucky to be “seduced“. But be careful, it could be a transgendered boy.

3.Talking about the king:

Commenting on the king like, “He’s getting old so fast” when talking to native people will make them unpleasant. Insulting the king and the royal family is considered disrespectful, or even violating the law. Thai people love their king very much.

4.Wandering around in Songkran holiday:

According to the Matador Network, these days are New Year vacation with traditional water splashing game. This traditional game’s rules are splashing water on someone or pouring cold ice buckets on the others. So be prepared to be cold and wet, but the atmosphere will be extremely fun.

Thai spicy food via Opentour

5.Don’t start a fight:

Saving-face” is an important trait in Thai culture. People often hide disagreements, discontent in the heart and never show up. If you argue loudly or complain, you will not get what you want, you are also considered ridiculous.


When you think of Thailand and the first thing in your mind is crazy parties as in Hangover 2? No, you might get burns when you jump through a fire ring or rush in an accident when you drive a motorbike in a drunken state? Thai people are very polite, they do not stare, but they certainly guess what happened to you.

7.Assume everyone can speak English:

It is not true that every Thai people can speak English fluently although some of them are good at English in theory. You may have to use a lot of body language and non-verbal language when buying goods. Make sure that you are not raising your voice or trying to pronounce when they do not understand. You’d better learn a few Thai words, especially greeting and thanks.

8.Eating too spicy Food:

Thai cuisine is full-flavored in pepper and chili, so if you order spicy food, be prepared to shed tears for too hot.

9.Shopping for clothes:

Thailand is a shopping paradise, especially casual markets. However, you can hardly find fitting rooms here.

10.Aerobics in the park:

This is a popular trend in many parks in Thailand. However, foreigners participating in the focus group can get immediate attention.

11.Umbrella in the rainy season:

At this time, It is in Thailand is always raining in the afternoons. If you suddenly stuck in rain on the streets without umbrellas, you will get wet. Even taxi drivers do not want to carry you in such a wet condition. So always prepare an umbrella in your pack

Rainy season in Thailand via Silverkris

12.Pay attention to the road:

The sidewalks in Thailand are often uneven, so if you do not look at the road, you will easily fall off. Be careful when walking on the streets.

13. Colorful Days

Based on pre-Buddhist Hindu legends, a particular auspicious color is associated with each day of the week. This is most noticeable on Mondays, when many people wear yellow shirts, acknowledging and honoring the day on which the King was born. Other popular colors include pink (Tuesday) and light blue (Friday, the Queen’s day of birth).
Given recent political protests, the colors red and yellow are also of significance, representing opposing movements.

14. Gender Roles

Traditional gender divisions exist in Thailand in respect to child care and domestic work, with women taking on the vast majority of these tasks. Women account for over half of the workforce. Most frequent violations against women include domestic abuse (affecting women across the socio-economic spectrum), discrimination and prostitution trafficking.

Traveling alone, especially women, is not encouraged in this country. You should travel in groups or at least know several self defense tips.

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