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South Korea is famous for its Kim Chi, the capital of Ginseng, Lingzhi mushroom, famous brands in the high-tech industry, cosmetics, and a lot of items with typical Korean culture. In this article, we will give you the suggestions for souvenirs while traveling Korea.

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1. Clothes

Korean fashion is a trend for young Vietnamese similarly, Korean style fashion items are popular among young people such as Korean men’s and women’s shirts, Korean sweaters, Korean blouses, Korean t-shirts, Korean t-shirts, …

Visitors can choose to buy Korean clothing at these following markets and supermarkets:

Dongdaemun Market (Seoul): Located in city center, Dongsungro is the most famous shopping street in Daegu. Loads of fashion shops locating along this street, where you can choose the clothes and jewelry of the world’s leading fashion brands with the latest models and the best quality.

Myeong-dong (Seoul): A wealthy and bustling commercial district of Seoul. Myeong-dong has well-known department stores and prestigious department stores. There are also many mid-range shops and popular products in small alleys.

Itaewon (Seoul): Itaewon West District is an ideal place to find world famous fashion products, leather goods and handmade items.

Namdaemun Market (Seoul): This is a fabulous shopping district that seems to be open all day and night, with thousands of shops, shoppers crowded. The merchandise here is usually much cheaper than the outside and it is jokingly said that it sells everything except nuclear weapons and tanks.  Sellers here only agree to discounts if customers pay in cash.

Chungjangno – Seoul Street: The oldest traditional market in Seoul, famous for its ancient fashion items.

Mugeo-Dong Street (Ulsan): is one of Ulsan’s most visited shopping destinations. Famous for its fashion boutiques and luxury restaurants which are right opposite universities, this place is popular with young people, but that does not mean that only young people can enjoy it.

2.Traditional clothing

Want to find specific Korean cultural products? Handicraft shops in Insa-dong, Gahoe-dong, and Samcheong-dong are great places to drop in.

Insa-dong (Seoul): Seoul’s best known for arts and crafts. Traditional Korean clothing, antique tea, paper products, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Gahoe-dong (Seoul): Gahoe-dong’s magical gates are home to artisan craftsmen with high-quality ceramics and other traditional items. Great place to visit!

Cheongdam-dong (Seoul): Cheongdam-dong luxury gallery street where you can easily find something to hang on the living room wall.

Pyeongchang-dong (Seoul): Towering on the top hills of Seoul, Pyeongchang-dong is home to impressive galleries. Pyeongchang-dong is also Seoul’s most famous art business.

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3. Antiques

You are not allowed to bring cultural items on the blacklist out of Korea, but you can still find a lot of antique and antique imitation items to buy.

Itaewon (Seoul): At Itaewon there are several antique shops that sell antique furniture from Korea and Western countries.

Insa-dong (Seoul): Seoul’s original antique street. There are still many antique shops here.

Dapsimni (Seoul): Around Dapsimni there are a series of huge antique markets. Products price depend on the product range, but you can also find bargains here.

4. Electronics

Korea is home to many world’s best known electronic products such as Samsung and LG. Seoul is also a good place buying computers and smartphones.

Yongsan Electronics Market (Seoul): Korea’s largest electronic market. Here, you can assemble a computer, shopping for game players or other electronic devices used in house at relatively cheap prices.

Namdaemun Market (Seoul): The area around Sungnyu Sung Gate has a lot of camera shops where you can easily buy cameras, lenses and other accessories (both new and old).

5. Rolled-silk picture

There are a number of shops selling hand-made silk pictures with a variety of content, from natural and animal images to folk anecdotes – each with different meanings such as the wish of Fortune, good luck, and happiness.

There are various sizes for Korean tourists to choose from, from small rolls for about 25,000 won to large rolls ranging from 45,000 to 50,000 won. The best part about this gift is that you can roll it up.

6. Name seal

The name sign, or “dojang”, is used as a signature in ancient Korean texts. Here, they also make unique gifts of your own. On the third floor of the Ssamziegil building is a shop called Callizone, which makes handmade markers on request within 20 minutes. If you have an opportunity to tour Korea, you should also choose one seal with color and typeface, in Korean or English.

7. Korean ceramics

When you come to Korea, there are various options for you if you want to find a Korean pottery gift that suits your budget, from jars or vases to cups of tea… You can also buy yourself a cup of jade tea for just about 20,000 – 30,000 won.

Korean healthy tea via Korean diet

8. Healthy Tea

Tea is not just a simple drink but also a healthy drink. Although Seoul has many cafés, Korea has always been a culture of traditional tea.
Tea shops here sell various types of teas for diseases treatment. The tea packed in pretty boxes is sure to be a great gift as well as your care your loved ones. If you travel Korea, then do not forget to enjoy it.

9. Honey

Korean Honey is an expensive commodity, but it has high quality with strong taste and specialty. Korean Honey is rich in vitamins and is a good antioxidant. Stepping into Ssamziegil, there will be a pretty small shop of organic honey from a bee raised in Yangpyeong family. A small jar of precious honey can cost from 10,000 won to 100,000 won.

The store also sells honey mixed with other ingredients such as apples, carrots, and ginger. A small bottle costs 8,000 won. This is another option for health care gifts instead of honey tea, which is often advertised that includes more sugar than honey.

10. Korean fabric

On the second floor of Ssamziegil is a shop called Ecotique designed by Sooyoun family. This is one of the attractions that Korean tourists frequently visit.

The store specializes in selling organic cotton fabrics for men, women, children, and babies with simple designs and colors. Organic cotton is a fabric that does not contain pesticides and dyes or toxic bleaches that are commonly used in the production of ordinary cotton fabrics. The beautiful material of Korean fabrics has made many tourists enjoy South Korea.

There are also a huge number of cute Korean dolls here.

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