Perfect time for an Asia trip


“Is June the best time to travel to in Asia? ” ” I want to travel rightnow, but I’m afraid of tropical rain?”. You will find the answers to these questions in the list of “the best time to travel to Asia” below!

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January is a good time for a Myanmar journey. The average temperature in this month is usually over 30 degrees Celsius and rain is quite scarce. In the following months, the temperature will increase constantly. It will be very uncomfortable to travel on a 40 degrees Celsius day.  Other Southeast Asian countries are also suitable choices to travel in January.


Islands in Thailand become extremely bustling in February. The highlight is you can avoid heavy rain because rainfall reaches the lowest level in Febuary. The weather was also fine in December and in January, the rainy season usually comes in late March. February is also a beautiful time for eploring islands in Southes Asia except Vietnam. The condition of less rain, calm waves is suitable for island tours.


March is a great time to travel to Sri Lanka. Different parts of the country have different climates, but if you want to visit some parts of Sri Lanka on nice weather days, March is deserve a re-mark in the list.

Malaysia via Petronas KL


In April, Japan become so brilliant, so manificient that you may get losy in it and don’t want to go back home. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) blooms everywhere, the whole of Japan sa as beautiful as a fairytale garden. The climate is cool enough and quite pleasant but, the temperature can drop low in the evening. In addition, October to November is also a super-beautiful season to come to Japan, the momiji season also known as the time of maple leaves turn into red. Besides, Nepal is another destination tht turns into so attractive in April thanks for cool and dry weather. The average temperature in the Kathmandu valley is about 28 degrees April which is ideal for a long day adventure.


China is a large country so that the climate differs from region-by-region. Overall, May is probably the best time for you to plan a trip to explore this country. The average temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius and little does it rain. You can also avoid the mist this month because the mist which appears a lot in the summer. If you want to go to Jiuzhaigou, beginning of October is the most suitable.


June is not the peak season in tourism in Asia as many countries are in the rainy season. However, Indonesia is quite the opposite. From April to September, the weather in Bali is amazing, no heavy rain, calm sea, and is suitable for volcanic trekking activity or snorkeling. Besides, the north and east of Sri Lanka are also ideal for an exciting trip. In addition, June is one of the best months to visit Tibet.


Malaysia is always hot and famous for suddenly heavy rain. In July, there is almost no rain in this country, Singarpore is in the same climate condition. However, the great Food Festival of Singapore will be a highlight for your travel in this nation.


August is a good idea to linger Indonesia. In Indo,  the temperature is almost the same all year round, but in August it does’t rain cats and dogs like in the other months. However, this is the peak season in Indo, so living cost is definitely much more expensive than usual.

Japan in April via Vietravel


September is the best time to visit Korea. It is the end of summer, but the average temperature iss only 26 degrees Celsius, the weather is great. At the beginning of the month it sometimes rains suddenly. If you want to avoid this, you’d better go in the last weeks of September, but it will be a bit cold then.


Climate in Laos is in best condition from October to mid November. Weather in the following months is also good but the landscape is not as spectacular as those 2 months. Because the harvest has passed and there are only soil, roots left on the fields. Mountains often disappear in dense fog. If you want to choose a bustling city to travel in October, Hong Kong is the ideal destination.


November is one of the good months to travel in Asia. Northern Thailand is the most exciting place. Because of the climate, and the most important part is Loi Krathong festival, especially in Chiang Mai. The rest of Thailand is equally beautiful. For Cambodia, the good time to go is also from November to the end of May. For Maldives islands, from November to June is the ideal for you to go, especially in November and June. These are the beginning and the end of dry season, when prices are still falling, sunny weather and it doesn’t rain a lot.


December is a good month to stay in Southeast Asia. And perhaps also the best month to travel Vietnam. As the temperature and humidity are relatively low, the weather is very pleasant. You can also travel to India this month.

In sum, there are many destinations in Asia for you to choose travel every month. There are several countries that have to suffer from rain and floods in rainy season. Apart from that, you can plan travel to any country throughout the year. You can also check the best time to travel in each country in our travel guide. Wish you have a pleasant and enjoyable trip!

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