How to advoid robbery when traveling

For any traveler, looting is always the most frightening thing when traveling in a foreign country. However, you can minimize the risk of becoming a victim in such situations by following these simple steps:

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1- basic defense skills.

For women, when traveling to a completely foreign country, a pepper spray should be available and always with you. You should also attend a self-defense kungfu class beforehand. In particular, when approached by bad guys, shouting to make loud noise.

2 – carefully search the destination.

One of the most important things that are often overlooked is searching for information about the destination beforehand. Especially, when traveling in a foreign country, you should equip yourself with basic knowledge about customs and political security situation. All this information is available on the internet or in travel forums.

3 – Prepare necessary documents

Before you go abroad, you need to have a complete set of passports, IDs, driver’s licenses, store them in your suitcase, and scan files and transfer them to online tools like Drive. This is an effective preventive measure in case your entire paper is stolen. In the worst case, bring them to your country’s embassy in your home country and ask for a new passport.

In addition, you should have a list of emergency phone numbers, such as the number of banks where you open your card account, embassies, hotels, tour guides, relatives …

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4 – Simple costumes, not expensive jewelry.

Most of the victims of robberies have an eye-catching appearance with accessories, gadget,…Therefore, the costume on your travel should be lightweight, simple, avoid wearing a lot of jewelry, watches,… This little trick will keep you out of bad guys’ eyes. In addition, if you are a woman you should not wear high heels or dresses too cumbersome to prevent bad cases.

5 – Do not carry all the money with you.

“Do not put all your eggs in one basket” – this rule is always true in any circumstance. You can leave your money in hotel’s safe. When going shopping, cash should be divided into several parts and hidden in different positions such as backpack bottom, book clamp, shoe soles. When traveling abroad, debit cards are an indispensable companion. Payment by card will cost you a little bit, but it is much safer than carrying cash.

6 – Move.

While moving you must go on the sidewalk, your hands hold your bags tightly and eyes must occasionally observe who is approaching or someone suspect. If you find abnormal signs, move quickly to crowded places or stop crossing the road, waiting for the suspect to pass and then go on.

7 – Do not listen to the phone on the move.

If you are forced to answer the phone, stand in a place where it can be seen by people (power poles or a curbside tree). Hold the phone toward your body, both two hands clutch the phone, eyes watching around.

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8 – Never drunk

Nothing is worse than being drunk when traveling because you could easily become the target of thieves, and worse things could happen to a tourist who is over the moon.

9 – Avoid contact with street children

In fact, very few children approach tourists without a purpose. This is very clear to poor children wandering in big cities. It sounds a bit extreme, but the more careful you are, the safer it is.

10 – Keep an eye on those who are watching you.

You need to pay attention to see if you are being tracked. The pickpocket always determines the target and watches carefully for a while before acting. You can sort yourself out of sight by keeping an eye out for those who are doing bad things to you. This is like an implicit message that you have realized them and raised vigilance.

11 – Store valuables in secret places

The most dangerous place is always the safest place. But that does not mean you put a value phone or wallet in a peanut bag. This applies to the items you are required to leave the hotel. Most of the thieves in the hotel room are always nervous about being caught. The things that are often taken away are the large luggage and easy-to-see furniture on the table or bed. You should put expensive items in different places like under the seat cushion, towel, blanket …

12 – Be careful if you are in a taxi.

TAXI seems to be the safest means of transportation, but this is not really reliable in places where you do not know the local language. Avoid the cars of those who offer you at the bus stop or at the airport. Do not get on the cars waiting outside and no logo, or car with one driver only. The best option is to contact a receptionist or security guard to find out how to call a reputable taxi carrier. If you are not comfortable with it, you can take a picture of the taxi number, the driver’s license card and send it to a relative in the unexpected situation.

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