Experience for India travel


From the highest peaks in the Himalayas to the tranquil beaches of Goa, India is known for its beautiful landscapes. Old Delhi, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Hawa Mahal Palace are popular tourist destinations of this country. The country with the world’s second-largest population has always been a popular destination because of the religious diversity as well as the famous heritage of the “Indian civilization” that flourished five thousand years ago.

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India is a country with unique culture and special customs, Indian people are also very hospitable. India has truly become a unique destination in Asia. Today, we would like to show you some experience for India travel. We expect to help you to travel India easier and more convenient.

Go to the south

If you only have a little time inIndia, just skip northern itineraries of India. You should go straight to the south, to the cities of Chennai or Kerala to enjoy the typical Indian beauty. This place is home to thousands of ancient temples, with cities known as “silk towns”, famous for their fine silks, beautiful handmade saree, and many colorful festivals.

Remove shoes

Remove shoes

When entering Indian temples and pagodas, do not forget to remove your shoes as this is an act of politeness, respect for Indian culture. Ideally, to these places, you should not wear shoes with shoelaces, but just loafers or sandals.

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Try Indian-style massage

Try Indian-style massage

If you go to India, choose Ayurvedic massage, a traditional massage to relieve muscular aches and pains, and it is said to have the effect of refreshing and relaxing. Unlike Thailand, in India, the staff will massage depending on your gender. It means if you are male, the massage staff is male and vice versa.

Go by the train

Going on the dusty, crowdedIndian trainsis an experience that backpackers want to try. However, do not forget to read the signs when you come here, such as women’s carriages or inactive carriages to avoid falling into difficult situations.

Bargain so much

Bargain so much

In India, if the sellers “scream” any price, remember that its price is only a half and start to bargain at the price of a quarter of the price offered.

Always carry toilet papers

A lot of public toilets in India do not have toilet papers and make it difficult for tourists to enter the hotel because they don’t know how to get out of there! So never forget to bring toilet papers to any toilet in India.

Know some baseball knowledge

Indian people are especially fond of and proud of the baseball of their country. Therefore, if you want to talk to the natives, get a little knowledge of this kind of sport to start the story.

Avoid traveling India in hot weather

Avoid traveling India in hot weather

The heat of summer in southern India is extremely harsh with the intense sunshine. The temperature can rise to 111 ° F or 43 ° C. There is dry, hot wind blowing from the desert. The hot summer season lasts from April to June. In July there are monsoon and thunderstorms with heavy rains.

From the last months of last year to early April in next year is the good time in Northern India with a very pleasant weather, this is also a great time to start a tour in India.

Deal with the drivers before taking a taxi

Deal with the drivers before taking a taxi

The yellow and black Ambassador Taxis are always available, especially at local taxi stations, where taxis can be called and dealt. It is also possible to call a taxi through the hotel.

The price is increased by 25% from 23 hours to 5 hours. Like motor cyclos, taxis are usually available at official rates, but drivers often say they are twice as expensive as cyclos. You should also deal with the drivers before starting because the kilometer meter may be wrong.

Make the call in India

The registration of mobile phone sims in India is quite complicated. At the hotel there is always a means for tourists to make a phone call. You should also notify guides for assistance.

India may be a country with some complicate problems with someone that never come to before. But, we hope the above tips can give you the useful information for your India travel.