4 tips for smart packaging for a picnic


Taking a picnic trip with friends and relatives at the weekend is a simple way to release tension and stress from daily life.

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Making a detailed list

Check-list helps you control the work and ensures the journey schedule. In particular, you need a list of the full member’s names, places to visit, food and beverage, and transportation.

With only 20 minutes for making a check-list, you will save a lot of time, avoid the lack or excess of tools, food, or car’s space. Besides, you can use the mind map and break the timeline to plan your trip more efficiently.

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Grouping and assigning tasks

Everybody wants to be part of the party, so make sure everyone has a mission before and during the trip. This will help to utilize the human resources, raise the team’s spirit and connect the members together.

In the case of a large group, you should split into teams with different tasks such as team buying, decorating, kitchen team … When moving, these teams can take different vehicles and get to the campsite the at different times for preparation.

Choose the right campsite

Autumn is the end of the year and it is the time when nature becomes so allure. However, you need to consider the size of the group and the amount of gear you want to carry. Besides, the hobbies of members as well as weather conditions, geography are also the factors need to be considered.

If it is possible, you can drive to the proposed site first to check how much fuel the trip may consume, how is the road, how long the distance is,…

However, you can also skip this take-time step because a lot of cars are designed to optimize the driving experience and for saving fuel. Some motorized vehicles such as the Ford EcoBoost can be self-tuned to help control the timing of the tailgate to match the speed and intensity of the engine. Thanks to that, the engine operation is optimized, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions to the environment. When visiting an unfamiliar city, a GPS-enabled car navigation system helps drivers navigate directions, save time and.

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Packing smartly

First of all, you need to clearly classify the goods into separate bags and boxes to avoid confusion. When moving them onto the car, fragile or damaged items should be placed in a safe place. When traveling with multiple vehicles, it is possible to dismantle each vehicle for each small group, but always ensure that the vehicles are strong and in good condition

Some vehicles, such as the Ford Focus, Fiesta or EcoSport, have a spacious rear compartment that will help to keep things organized. Do not forget to make use of extra compartments, water jugs, or chillers in the car for drinks. Snacks should be placed in small compartments.

To avoid clutter, do not forget to have a basket on the floor. This basket is perfect for the items after a long day full of excitement such as dirty clothes, finished boxes or small items that are easy to drop.

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