Vinpearl Safari and Vinperl Park – the heart of Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc has long been known as the “paradise on the earth” and a jewel of Vietnam. Famous for pristine beaches, smooth white sand and unspoilt pristine beauty, Phu Quoc island is constantly conquering the nature lovers from all over the world. A special gift for visitors to Phu Quoc in 2017 is that Vinpearl Safari Animal Care and Conservation Park in Ganh Dau. It is the largest center care of animals in Vietnam has ever been officially reported. In Vipearl Safari, you are not only watching wild animals but also can feed them, touch them, or even communicate with them. With a total area of ​​nearly 500 hectares, vinpearl safari imitate the Safari model as a semi-wildlife zoo model, it is divided into two main areas.

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Vinperal Safari

Natural area of ​​nature

How is the Safari zoo model different from previous zoo models in Vietnam? Safari is a home to more than 90 wildlife species but it differs from other zoos as non-dangerous animals will be released to live and feed on their own. They will be locked up so visitors can visit the animals directly and contact them


This is a little risky area for tourists so to ensure safety you will be guided by private bus park guard glasses. This area has nearly 50 species of wildlife live and travel freely. It is totally natural without any housing system or separation barrier. For children, this is also an opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge about animal world, each region will have a different landscape and different animal species. At present, Vinpearl Safari has over 3,000 species of wildlife, including rare animals that we usually only see on television channels.

Animal show

This is a joyful program held in the Vinpearl Park – Africa region and is considered very special activities of Vinpearl every lunar new year. You can watch dolphin dancing water or bear climbing trees, etc.

The photo festival and learning about animals

Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with live animals, feed them and take souvenir photos. Beside, visitors can also learn the habitat and behavior of each animal that will be extremely interesting.

Vinpearl Safari zoo is divided into 10 excursion sites

  • Night Zoo
  • South America Area – Amazone
  • Vietnam Indigenous area
  • African Wilderness
  • Eden Garden
  • Australian Grasslands
  • South Asia (India)
  • Bird garden
  • The Imperial Palace
  • Ancient sanctuary

With each subdivision divided into Vinpearl Safari, Phu Quoc will provide the corresponding architectural model in each zone as a small world such as African Houses, Wind Turbines, Indian Temples, Mask area … that is one of the highlights that safari bring tourists to visit.

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Water park

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Water Park is a combination of a series of exciting water games for all ages. Immerersing yourself in ocean water, you will burn your energy with games, endless joys and exciting experiences.

Multi Slide Tunes

With a up to 15 meters height and a total slip length of 100 meters, the 6-lane slider will be an exciting memory for youngsters looking for adventurous thrilling games.

Kamikaze slider

Death Force is a game for young people who want to assert their recklessness and bravery. With two different sliders running at speeds up to 60km/h players will feel like flying out of slider from 21m above.

Body Slide

The game is suitable for all members of in a family, the 13m high body slider with three slideways are designed in a various colors, different compositions bring the challenge from easiest levels to players.

Space Hole Slider

Built on the idea of ​​the most bizarre phenomenon in the universe – the black holes (which are gravitation is so strong that anything coming close will be drawn in), the game will give players a sense of super high speed in the 19m slider.

Flying Boat

Thre are two small game in one which are Flying Boat and Flying boat over the hill. They are games for two people from 15m height. On high-speed double-floats, you will feel like you are flying and surfing on the most modern speed boats.

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The Tsunami

A tsunami is a sticky game that gives you a sense of fear. Although only 13 meters high, the tremendous wave power will definitely drag you to freeze. You just need to courageously overcome this initial tension and participate in the game, you will have an extremely enjoyable experience.

Water museum

In the series of water music performances daily, audiences will also enjoy circus performances with ultra-friendly dolphins. Water music stage with a perfect combination of light color, flexible and diverse movement of water, music and alluring, accompanied by magical effects will make the audience remember forever.


Phu Quoc aquarium was built with hundreds of fish species and exotic marine life from all over the world, divided into two separate areas with freshwater aqua and saltwater aquarium, invested specialized equipment , Modern and environmentally friendly water treatment technology…All equipment technology is imported from Spain, Canada and USA.

Mermaid diving and fish feeding

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Island also organizes mermaid shows and fish feeding which are daily activites and extremely fun. Don’t miss it!

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