The most brilliant festivals in Taiwan


Taiwan is a fascinating destination for tourists who enjoy cultural tourism, as they retain their traditional culture with a series of festivals stretching through the months.

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Spring Festival

Like other places in Asia, Taiwanese people celebrate the Lunar New Year from the 1st to the 15th of the lunar January. The Lunar New Year (Spring Festival) is a time for people to dispel old things of the past and to welcome new things.  In addition to this festival, there are various outdoor activities such as sending Kitchen God to heaven, cleaning the house, cooking beefcakes (fagao), rice cake (niangao), worshiping the New Year, worshiping pagodas, visiting relatives, friends, worship Goddess on the 4th and business back on the fifth.

Festival of lights in Pingxi

Visitors to Taiwan in the early spring should not miss the festival light of Pingxi. Thousands of sparkling, glowing lights in the dark sky is the scene that anyone witness will definitely be amazed. This traditional activity comes from an ancient story about the Shifen villagers releasing lanterns to the sky to signal peace. This activity also means sending wishes to heaven and express the sincere to God with a hope that the wishes will come true.

Tainan Yanshui Beehive Firecrackers Festival via IBTimes UK

Pingxi sky lantern festival

Taiwanese Lantern Festival is the annual activity of residents in this beautiful island. Next year, the program will take place from March 2nd to March 11th, 2018 in Chiayi, Taiwan.The huge lanterns, varied in design, size, and color are the highlight of this activity, promising to attract thousands of tourists to Taiwan. By bringing tourism, technology, culture, and art into a traditional festival, this event is a place where creative talents of artists from all over Taiwan are exposed. The 2018 program covers many different topics. The water lanterns will feature an international standard water music program to portray the spectacular scenery of Alishan Mountain, the architecture of the National Taiwan Museum, etc.

Tainan Yanshui Beehive Firecrackers Festival

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival is held in Yanshui Village, Tainan. According to the Taiwan Tourism Board, this is the third largest folk festival in the world, and one of the typical religious festivals of Taiwan. In every Lunar New Year, the atmosphere in the village of Yanshui is extremely bustling. People believe the that more sparkling fireworks touch people, the more misfortune will disappear and more fortune will come. Therefore, the festival has attracted not only local people but also tourists from all over the place.

BaoSheng Cultural Festival

One of Taiwan’s folk religious festivals, from April 1 to May 27, is one of the most popular festivals in Taiwan. The program includes a series of worship activities, traditional art performance… attract many foreign visitors to participate. Bao An Dai Long Temple (Dalongdong Baoan) was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Conservation Area in 2003.

Lukang Dragon Boat Racing Festival via Vietravel

Lukang Dragon Boat Racing Festival

Lukang Dragon Boat Festival usually takes place from the second half of May to the first half of June is an opportunity for promoting history, culture, handicrafts, local cuisine … Since 1978, this festival is increasingly focused and expanded. In 2006, it was put on the list of “12 important festivals in Taiwan“.

Nation Yiming Festival

If you have a chance to visit Hsinchu in August (around lunar July), you can spend your time attending the Nation Yimin Festival at the Paochung Yimin Temple. The traditional activities of this festival include raising lantern poles, releasing water lanterns, carrying shoulder poles, returning black banners to the woman’s home

Kaoshiung Lion Dance festival

The lion dance festival in Kaohsiung is the next impressive activity on the list of the most interesting cultural festivals in Taiwan. The lion dance, the symbol of strength, comes from the leisure time of farmers, but then become a special culture. You can go to the Guangji Temple, Qianzhen District to enjoy these spectacular performances. The traditional festivals are well preserved, making Taiwan an attractive destination for tourists who love cultural tourism.

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