The most beautiful places to see cherry blossom when spring comes


The pure beauty and sweetness of cherry blossoms have been enchanting visitors when arriving in Japan, Korea, Taiwan in the spring.

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Japanese cherry blossom season

Usually, from the end of March to the middle of April every year is the most beautiful Japanese cherry blossom season (Sakura). Beyond the meaning of a special occasion, the cherry blossom festival in spring – Hanami or Ohanami in Japanese – is the art of enjoying lives as people blend in with the endless beauty of nature.

The best spots to witness Sakura in Tokyo are Ueno Park, the Meguro, the Imperial Palace, the beautiful garden of the New Otani Hotel or the magnificent square at the bottom of Mount Fuji … In this season, the whole country is covered with the pink and white of flowers like a sweet painting. In the ancient capital of Kyoto, many Japanese often choose the Heian Shrine or the Kinkakuji as their own kingdom for enjoying cherry blossoms. In ancient capital of Osaka, the chosen are the castle and the ancient city of Osaka.

Tips: Unlike the nation’s famed public transport system, the cherry blossoms are not as punctual as tourists might like. Some years they arrive early following a spell of warm weather; other years, chillier temperatures make them late or downpours bring an early demise.

But the first blossoms generally appear in Okinawa in January and slowly move up the archipelago, passing through Japan’s central islands (including Kyoto and Tokyo) in late March and early April, before progressing further north and hitting Hokkaido in early May.

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Cherry Blossom festivals in Korea

The annual spring flower festival of the Korean lasts from March to May. However, the “cherry blossom love song” is usually the most romantic, most brilliant from late March until the end of April. The outstanding features of this festival are that visitors can easily see flowers in many places, even on the way from the capital Seoul to the airport to Jeju Island where more than 1,400 cherry trees are scattered along the Han River.

Tourists will be lost in a wonderland with a world of cheery scent and colors that make Jeju island, Nami island enchantingly allure. The Cherry Blossom Festival of Korea has been investing strongly in recent years, attracting many international visitors. As a neighboring country with Japan, the climate is quite similar, the cherry blossom in Korea is also fascinating attractive to Asian tourists. In Addition, the beautiful scenery, mouth-watering food suitable for various tastes, luxury fashion world, modern cinema, and music trendy …

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Cherry Blossom Festival in Taiwan

Cherries are also loved by Taiwanese, maybe, it is the influence of Japanese people living on this island. In Taiwan, the cherry blossom festival usually takes place between February and the end of March. Since the first festival season in 2001, the cherry blossom festival in Taiwan has attracted about two million visitors each year. Cherry blossom is grown on this island, but the most famous is cherry blossom forest is in the resort A Ly mount (Alishan). Two most popular kinds of cherry flowers on this island are Xin Tao Yin and Chi Lin Yin, they are so beautiful that will enchant you.

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