The 10 most amazing seaside destinations in Asia


Langkawi is a real treasure, Koh Rong is a hiden pearl among the sea, Dubai is a noble princess… Enjoying the atmosphere and beautiful scenery while swimming on the island is an unforgettable experience you will have in the Asia get away haeven below.

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Koh Rong, Cambodia:

The attraction of this beach resort is the peaceful atmosphere. This small island on the south bank of Cambodia is truly a jewel in the middle of the sea. The best beach on the island Long beach, an area filled with white sand and sunshine. In addition, mountain climbing tours and rainforest explorations are also very attractive.

Perhentian Island, Malaysia:

This island is famous for attracting tourists due to its excellent green beaches. In addition, visitors who passionate about diving will also have the opportunity to enjoy the great coral reefs scattered around the island, and witness the diverse ecosystem of the ocean. That’s not all, visitors can see sea turtles and sharks living in the nearby reefs. If you have the opportunity to come here, please enjoy these wonderful diving services.

Boracay, Philippines via Cebu Pacific 

Koh Samui, Thailand:

Located on the East coast of Thailand, Koh Samui is a famous island with its beautiful beaches. A key tourist destination since the 1970s, it is relatively difficult to find a quiet beach, but it is not impossible. Come to Choengmon beach located in the northeast and Mae Nam in the north of the island. The two beaches are considered to have perfect service and are the preferred destination chosen by many visitors. Massage services and Thai dishes are also attractive that you will never forget.


Dubai is a breakthrough option for those who just want to enjoy the fresh air of the sea while still enjoying the great service in the great city. Located in the United Arab Emirates, this is a paradise for shoppers who are passionate about shopping, relaxing and enjoying good food at the award-winning restaurants. An indispensable activity at the beach, sunbathing is well-prepared here. Dubai is a convergence of people who like to travel in new style.

Lombok, Indonesia:

Although the neighbor, Bali is a bit overbearing, Lombok is still a tourist spot not to be missed in Indonesia. The beaches are not only stunning but also very peaceful and unspoiled. The beaches in the south of the island are rated as the best and is represented by Selong Belanak. The island is also suitable for those who love to surf.

Bali, Indonesia:

A true paradise for those who love sea tourism, Bali has the perfect coastline with picturesque beaches. Along with the culture that is preserved and worshiped, it is not difficult to feel the atmosphere. Although it is an attractive tourist destination, it is not difficult to find a private place on the beach here, typically Balangan. Bali is also a popular destination for surf enthusiasts and other underwater subjects. There are also sacred temples like Uluwatu for those who want to explore.

Hongkong via wikipedia

Boracay, Philippines:

Island of the Philippines is famous for many of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and the tropical island of Boracay is the most popular. Being famous for its beachfront locations, there are plenty of tourist activities and excursions such as windsurfing, scuba diving, as well as exploring the island by boat. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air of the sea at Baling Hai Beach – a relatively deserted beach.

Phuket, Thailand:

Perhaps Thailand is the most known country in the field of marine tourism, and their Phuket island is typical. With many fine beaches, take a boat tour around the island to admire the island’s overall beauty. Immerse yourself in the green waters of the island by fishing or taking snorkeling trips that are most interesting to visitors. Massage services and open-air bars are also good destinations for guests after a relaxing day.

Hong Kong:

Talking to Hong Kong is the city of luxury and busy people. However, this is also home to the islands and beaches fewer footprints. At Tai Long Wan Bay, visitors will be delighted to “occupy” the whole landscape, though traveling will be a bit difficult. It will be quite tiring for visitors to go through a 90-minute journey by boat, so enjoy and relax as much as possible.

Langkawi, Malaysia:

Located on the west coast of the country, Langkawi is a real treasure. Only by walking around the island, visitors are able to discover many stunning beaches such as Tanjung Rhu or Datai. Enjoying the atmosphere and breathtaking sceneries when swimming on the island is one of the best experiences to come here. In addition, climbing to explore other parts of the island is also an ideal choice.

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