the 10 best places to celebrate Chrismast in Asia


Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and even HCMC were chosen as one of the ideal destinations for this Christmas. Here is a list of 10 destinations to experience a healthy Christmas season in Asia as we suggest.

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1. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

No snow or winter in this time of the year, but Kuala Lumpur is still a great destination in Asia at Christmas. Here, you will be able to see the sparkling city from Petronas Towers or stroll through the brightly decorated streets that filled with Christmas atmosphere. Moreover, you can enjoy artificial snow show at the Pavilion KL. This event is held annually and definitely, will make you feel like staying in Europe’ Xmas night.  At the end of the year, a lot of shopping centers offer special discounts, promotion, sale-off… This city is also home to the world’s cheapest five-star hotels.

2. Macau – China

Macau is well-known as the “Las Vegas” of Asia. With a harmonious combination of Christianity and Chinese tradition, Macau welcomes Christmas with European-style pastry, vibrant pine trees all over the street, spectacular fireworks display, and even special church orchestra performances. Christmas songs singing all over Macau in December will make you get the feeling the bustle of the Christmas season. If you want to add a bit of romance to your holiday in Macau, take a boat trip at night at Venetian Macau, you will be impressed with the architecture and the great performances of all time.

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3. Singapore

Singapore is indeed one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Asia. Moreover, it’s is much easier to hunt a killer-deal flight to this country in December. Shoppers can choose their favorite gifts on special promotions at the department stores such as ION Orchard, Paragon, and Takashimaya. After shopping, do not forget to take gorgeous photos of the vibrant Orchard Road Christmas lights. In addition, in December, Singapore has a number of music and dance festivals such as ZoukOut on December 11 and 12 and the annual Siloso Beach Countdown Party on December 31st.

4. Taiwan – China

Taiwan does not officially recognize Christmas as a national holiday, but this does not mean Taipei is a boring city in Christmas. In fact, Christmas atmosphere is extremely bustling in this city. Especially around the Zhongxiao Fuxing and Xinyi shopping zones, the pines are decorated with brilliant lights. In addition, there are a lot of impressive discount programs for hotel rooms, restaurants, and various other items at shopping centers.

5. Guangzhou – China

Snowflakes hanging on Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, snowmen,.. all of these promise you a pleasant and peaceful Christmas holiday in China’s third largest city – Guangzhou. In addition, loads of big events will take place in this city during X-mast time such as the Canton Tower Festival or the colorful Yuletide Festival along with magic performances on streets. Some markets are very crowded such as Lingan Flower Market and Yide Market where you can visit, shop, taste a fine dish, pick up a souvenir,…  For a more meaningful trip to Yuletide, you can attend Christmas Eve in the most beautiful churches of Guangzhou, such as Sacred Heart of Jesus Church or Guangzhou International Christian Fellowship.

6. Hong Kong – China

With brilliant festivals and vibrant light shows, it’s easy to see why visitors from all over the world come to Hong Kong in December for celebrating the biggest fete days. In addition to the vibrant Christmas scene or bustling shopping centers, Hong Kong welcomes Christmas with a wealth of events such as firework shows, 3D Pulse displays and winter festival. In addition, Disneyland is also a must-visit destination with a variety of fun and entertaining games featuring Christmas themes.

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7. Xiamen – China

At Christmas, buildings and shopping centers in Xiamen are filled with shimmering lights and cute decorations. However, that is not the only reason why Xiamen became a hot destination for Christmas. On this occasion, there are many hotels and restaurants offering cheap packages for customers. In addition, the city has some interesting attractions for visitors, such as Nanputou Temple, Hulishan Fortress, and Xiamen University.

8. Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) – Vietnam

Christmas is one of the largest religious festivals of the year in HCMC. People make cave models with the image of Jesu, Mother Maria everywhere. The buildings, streets surrounding the Notre Dame Cathedral are the most magnificent places in Christmas Eve. In addition, the city has loads of historical and religious sites that you should not miss out on your vacation such as the Vietnam Museum of History, Cao Dai Temple and much more.

9. Medan – Indonesia

Are you a gourmet who wants to experience a Christmas Eve in a place where food is profuse? Medan – Indonesia may be listed first on your list. Although Medan is not a famous city, it is fast becoming a destination for devotees with a diverse and distinctive cuisine. Here you can enjoy countless delicious dishes such as Javanese delicacies, Batak baked pork, Hot Padang and Indian curry. It is also convenient to visit other Southeast Asian landmarks like Toba Lake (Indonesia), Penang (Malaysia) and Berastagi (Indonesia).

10. Bangkok, Thailand

Christmas is not a traditional holiday in Thailand but today this event is becoming more and more popular, especially in Bangkok. At Christmas, Bangkok is decorated with glittering lights. From luxury shopping malls to hotels or bridges, every corner is beautifully brightened up for Christmas. Take a walking tour around the city to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

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