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Although Taiwan occupies less than one percent of the Earth’s land, it is home to a diverse landscape, ranging from winding gorges and misty mountains to hot springs and tropical beaches.

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Jiu Fen ancient village

The small village lying on cliff-side, overlooking the east coast of Taiwan is a must-see destination for Taiwanese tourists. Just 1 hour from Taipei, Jiu Fen used to be a giant mine where people used to rush to dig gold. Today, the mine is closed, Jiufen has been repaired and welcomes visitors with peaceful tea houses, shops, bars, galleries…

Jiufen is a land where you will free your soul in the mist spreading all around creating mysterious natural scenery. In particular, you will also enjoy the fresh cool atmosphere from deep blue sea and view cloudy sky or charming water from high above.

From the center of Taipei, you rent a taxi or take a bus here, traveling time maybe take more than an hour. From Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station, find Exit 1 entrance, take the bus number 1062 and go to Jiufen.  Taxi or bus, they will let you down in front of 7 Eleven store, from which you enter the and there you reach the Jiufen. In addition to enjoying afternoon tea, majestic views of the mountains and delicious food here will satisfy you.

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Taroko National Park, Hualien

For those who love photography, Hualien is the ideal destination on the East Coast of Taiwan. The majestic mountains and vast blue ocean are unique spots that you will hardly find anywhere else. In Hualien, the most popular attraction is the Taroko Gorge, 19 km long, located near the coast.

This canyon is recognized as Taroko Canyon National Park. Traveling along the seaway from Yilan, Su Hua highway from Yilan to Hualien, you will see the Qingshui coastal cliffs. This rock stretches over 21 km, and standing straight at the middle of Atlantic at an average elevation of 800 m.

Sun moon lake

Located in Yuchi village, Nantou district of central Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s largest natural lake with an area of 7.73km³, located at an altitude of 748m above sea level, the deepest point is 27 m. The lake is called Sun Moon because the eastern part of the lake resembles the sun while the western one resembles the moon.

Here, each season brings a unique beauty to the lake. Spring, peach blossom blossomed all the way up to the highest mount. In the cold weather, yellow flowers in the lake together with the cloudy blue sky above make up a romantic picture. When the autumn comes, the lake reflects moonlight and sparkling like a mirror. After endless hours of exploring and immersing in the beauty of the mountain river, you can go around the lake to visit other interesting places such as Van Vo Temple, worshiping Quan Cong and Confucius.

Taipei 101 Building

The Taipei 101 Building in Xinyi District, Taipei City, is about 509 meters high and has a total of 101 floors, which are the symbol of Taipei and pride of Taiwanese people. Back in 2004, it was named the tallest building in the world and it was not until 2010 when the Buri Khalifa tower appeared and take that name.

In this tower, there are two elevators running at 16.83 meters per second, it takes only 37 seconds for visitors to go up from the fifth floor to the 89th one. It is a symbol of Taiwan so it is easy to understand why visitors to Taipei do not forget to take pictures with this building.

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Shi Fen Falls

This beautiful island has a waterfall called the Niagara Asian version, though it is not grandiose and stretches over two nations as the “original version ” Shi Fen Waterfall is still one of the places that you should never miss when it comes to Taiwan. To reach Shi Fen, you will have to step over a crooked bridge. With a height of about 20 m and a width of 40 m, this is the largest waterfall in Taiwan, located in the upstream of the Keelung River.

Yangming Mountain

Yang Ming Shan is one of the eight largest national parks, locating near the center of Taipei City. This is the largest and most beautiful mountain in Taiwan with breathtaking natural scenery such as hot springs, valleys, and volcanoes. To reach Yangming Mountain, tourists should take bus number 206 from the JianTan pier (take the Danshu Express train from Taipei), or from that pier, take a taxi. Travel in a large group of 5-7 people will lower the travel cost.

Night markets

Always on the top of Taiwan’s most attractive destinations, the night market offers tourists nightlife experiences such as food specialties, shopping, tradditional items in Taiwan. Each market has its own specialty that never appear anywhere else. Fengjia Night Market in Taichung is considered Taiwan’s largest market, famous for its many enticing snacks. Other famous night markets like Shilin and Raohe markets in Taipei or Liuhe market in Kaohsiung are other choices for you!

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