Romantic destinations in Taiwan that bring Taiwanese romantic films to life


Taiwanese films are an important part of the childhood of the 8X, 9X generation. Have you ever dreamed that you can explore these destinations on the first hand ?

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Ancient Town, Sifen – “You are the apple in my eyes”

If you are a fan of Ko Ching-Teng and Chia-yi of “You are the apple in my eyes”, you must have been so moving when watching the scene of two main characters released the sky lanterns in the Shifen old town. 90 minutes to watch the film is also the time for audience, again, live in their school years along with the feeling of regret for their incompleted first love.

“Don’t say anything. I did not ask you, so you can not refuse me. Please do not tell me now. Let me love you, ” the young Ko Ching-Teng interrupted his beautiful friend and also missed his only chance.

The beautiful scenery with the railroad tracks in the old town Shifen in the movie was do touching that make audiences remember ever after. And those who have experienced the rain of youth would love to write their dreams or thoughts on the lantern and send them into the air.

Shifen Ancient Town is a popular destination for those who travel to Taiwan. The old house along the Pingxi Railway is where people come to release thousands of lanterns into the sky. The lanterns are made of oil rice paper and the bamboo frame. Each color symbolizes a different thing: health, property, work, peace … Here, the seller will guide tourist how to write their wishes on 4 sides of the lanterns, then specific instructions how to release and take some romantic pictures.

Sifen via TODAYonline

Old Quarter Jiufen – “Spirited Away”

Chihiro’s adventures in Spirited Away brought a number of valuable lessons about love and courage. There are a lot of scenes in the movie reminded of the real place in life; including Jiufen. In the early Qing dynasties, the Kowloon region was home to nine families in an isolated village. The goods delivered here are required to be divided into nine equal parts, that’s why the name Jiufen was formed and has remained until now. Later, the village was “discovered” as a gold mine from the 1430s. Quite a lot of Jiufen’s image appeared in Spirited Away. From the Haku dragon simulated by the dragons on the roof of the temple at the entrance to the lanterns and streets, even the gold mines, Japanese tea shops, food in the market, especially at night,. .. When you arrive at Jiufen, you should try some kind of the highland tea, enjoy the rustic cakes, or the beauty of nature and feel the laid-back life here.

Do not miss the transfer time when day and night come as one and watch the old town at the lights. In the evening, you can visit the Raohe Night Market and the nearby 250-year-old Ciyou Temple for sightseeing, dining, and shopping.

Penghu island via ToDAYonline

Penghu Island –  The Original Scent of Summer

The Original Scent of Summer revolves around the love story of the young in Penghu island. The main character is a heartfelt, enthusiastic but slightly persistent, passionate boy for music and sports named Jie Xie and his best friend Au Fan Fan. The two loved each other, but their lives completely changed after the beautiful since Fan You appeared. As a result, the little friend Au Fan Fan became desperate and decided to leave the island.

The drama was filmed in the Penghu Islands. Situated in the western straits of Taiwan Island, Penghu is known as the island’s largest offshore island. The means of transportation to Penghu are domestic air or ferry from Kaohsiung, Chiayi.

Penghu has beautiful charm but is also very secretive. Nature has bestowed upon this wonderful miracle thanks to the basalt rock remained after volcanic eruptions thousands of year ago. The most famous are two stone hearts near Qimei islet. They were created by fishermen to trap fish.

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