Dreamlike summer in southern Japan


Summer isn’t exactly the most popular season in Japan. It’s hot. It’s humid. There’s a rainy season. But in reality, summer is one of the best times to visit Japan. From festival fun to amazing sights, here are five reasons why you should make Japan your summer travel destination.

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Kyushu is an enchanting land in southern Japan, with hot and humid climate and fertile nature. It is also a region with many hot springs and volcanoes. Japanese tourists, visitors to Kyushu can not ignore the town of Yufuin in Oita Prefecture. Kinrinko Lake, surrounded by lush vegetation, helps travelers take a rest any time. The scales of fish swimming in the lake sparkling in the afternoon sun, so the lake named Kinrinko means “goldfish pond“.

You can visit Yufuin all day without being bored, because there are countless souvenir shops, handicrafts, specialty shops, flower villages, cat farms … In addition, Sweet shops here always crowded with customers comr to buy, especially P Roll shop located at the entrance of Yunotsubo Kaido.


Also located in Oita Prefecture, Kitsuki is the ancient city known as Little Kyoto of Kyushu. Many tourists come here are very excited to experience wearing a kimono, or yukata then visit the old town with many old samurai houses, castles, or to learn Japanese tea …

In the country of Oita hot springs, Beppu city is the most famous place with circuits, hot water erupting from the ground and always evaporate to attract tourists everywhere to visit. Beppu has eight jigoku, in Japanese is hell reffers to the big and hot streams. The average tempurature in these streams is about 50-99.5 degrees Celsius. You can also buy boiled eggs from those spring water.

Kujyu flower park via GaijinPot Blog

Kujyu flower park

Another cool destination of Oita Prefecture, Kyushu  in summer is the Kujyu flower park. It now home to more than 500 different species of flowers, forming large mats. Tulips bloom in spring, lavender, summer rhinoceros, cosmos flower in autumn and many other greenery. In addition to visiting the flower gardens, visitors can also go shopping, relax in the cafes or dine at the restaurant inside the park.

Daikanbo Peak

The next stop for green and summer lovers in southern Japan is Daikanbo Peak. It is a scenic spot, ideal for trekking, allowing visitors to experience the rich local vegetation, the wide view of the azure blue of the trees and even the volcanic Aso still operating from far. Tourists usually take a group or tour, and rent a car to Daikanbo (there are no tram or bus stations).

Tanushimaru area of ​​Kurume city, southern Fukuoka Prefecture, is definitely the perfect stopover for fruit lovers. Visitors will manually harvest as local farmers, enjoy in the garden or buy as gifts for friends. It is important that Tanushimaru’s products use all organic fertilizer.

Dazaifu Tenmag Temple

Dazaifu Tenmag Temple in Dazaifu City Sugawara no Michizane – the god of education, honesty and disaster. Every year, there are 7 million visitors come to the temple, not only  students, there are many successful foreign tourists. As many other summer attractions in southern Japan, the temple is also covered with a fresh green color of many ancient trees. The temple also planted about 6000 white apricot and red apricot blossom of about 200 species so this is a place to see apricot blossom in Japan.
enjoy food

Summer festival via Bites of Oishii


Enjoy the food and activities at the stalls

There are many stalls out selling food like yakisoba (fried noodles), grilled sweetcorn, chocolate covered banana, etc. Also, there are many activities such as kingyo sukui (catching goldfish) or shooting games in festvals that are hled during japan summer.

Enjoy the impressive fireworks

There are many firework events all around Japan in the summer. Japanese fireworks bursts in different shapes and can express many different colours. The events not only have the fireworks but also use music and lighting to make it an exciting show.


If we could give you only one reason to visit Japan in the summer, then this would be it. While festivals or matsuri happen in Japan year-round, some of the most famous matsuri take place during the summer months. From the colorful lantern floats of the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri to the raucous, city-wide dancing of the Tokushima Awa Odori, these events are like massive block parties unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Not sure which festivals take place during the summer?

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