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China – the “cradle” of Asian culture, is the synthesis of many empires that existed and collapsed in the past in the East Asian continent at least 3,500 years ago. Chinese history is characterized by repeated segregation and unification through periods of peace intermingled the war on a vast and volatile territory from a major land in the North China Plateau and extends to the East, Northeast and Central Asia.

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Chinese climate

The Chinese climate varies from the north to the south.

North: Beijing Capital and Northern Provinces.
Winter from December to March of next year, the average temperature from -10 Celcius degree to 10 Celcius degree, with snowfall. Summer from May to August, the average temperature is from 26 C to 39 C. Autumn and spring fall into the rest of the year and is the best time for traveling, with average temperatures between 10C and 25C.

Centre: Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou …
It is the hottest area in China in the summer, but short and cold winters, sometimes temperature is the same as that in Beijing. Visitors should go to this area in autumn because the weather is quite cool, the scenery is also romantic, poetic.

South: Shenzhen, Quang Nam, Hainan …
The hot and humid climate lasts from April to September, the temperature sometimes is up to 38 C along with rain, short winters from January to March, spring and autumn’s temperature range from 200C to 300C.

China road network via CNN

Road network

In China’s large cities, road network is well-developed, visitors can use the public transport like buses and subways. Taking a taxi is quite easy for government allowed taxis to drop by and pick up passengers on the sidewalk or in stations.

Public buses: available and cheap, only a few RMB is enough for a trip to most places in the Chinese capital. Buses within China are priced from 6 to 18 RMB (it changes depends on point of time).

– Taxi: When using a taxi, check the meter and bring the hotel address. In China, taxi price is 2.6 RMB for the first 1 km (this may change depends on time).

– Subway (MRT): Daily from 6am to 12pm. To use this type of vehicle, you need to know the route schedule. The price varies according to how far you go.

Tourist attraction

The vast and diverse china with numerous sights and architectural features, makes visitors overwhelmed. Cities and destinations that you can not afford to miss:

– Beijing: Great Wall of China; Tiananmen Square; Forbidden City; Bird’s Nest stadium, Wangfujing,…

– Shanghai: Oriental Pearl Television Station; Shanghai harbour; Attendant; Thanh Hoang Temple; Jade Buddha Temple;…

– Hangzhou: Scenic West Lake; Yue Feast shrine; Linh An Pagoda; Long Tinh Tea Garden; Film School

– Suzhou: Hanshan Temple; Su Tu Lam; excursion on Dai Ha River …

– Guangzhou: Viet Tu Park with Ngu Duong statue – cultural symbol of Guangzhou; White Mountain; Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall …

– Shenzhen: Window of the World – a collection of miniature world wonders; Cam Tu – focus on about 100 cultural relics, history and scenic spots of China; Shenzhen Museum of Antiques, Lanshan Park, Ge Wang …

– Xi’an: Binh Ma Dung – Terracotta Army area of Qin Shi Huang; The bell tower was 45 m high, after the earthquake of 1556, the height was reduced to 43.4 m; Dai Nhan Tower has over 1,300 years old seven floors 64m high …

– Kunming – Dali – Lijiang: Shilin Stone Garden, Cuu Huong Cave, A Luu Ancient Cave, Dali Ancient City, Tam Thap Ancient Wall, Ngoc Long

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China is a colorful country and is rich in traditional culture:
– Chinese Lunar New Year: It is the largest traditional Chinese New Year holiday of the year.
– Dragon Boat Festival: is held on May 5 according to lunar month, each year. As we all know, Dragon is a sacred animal in the heart of the Chinese people, it symbolizes majesty, dignified and prosperous. It is common to see dragons appear in every aspect of Chinese life for thousands of years, such as in royal robes, palaces, temples, etc.


There is a wide range of hotels in China for visitors to choose, Beijing and Shanghai are the two cities with the most expensive rooms. Overall, hotels in China are large and comfortable. The only thing that tourists find inconvenient is most of the hotels speak only Chinese although some speak English, they are not proficient.


China’s currency is the yuan (RMB or CNY)
The bank notes’ denomination is as follows: 1RMB, 2 RMB, 5 RMB, 10 RMB, 20 RMB, 50 RMB, 100 RMB.

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