Best destinations in Asia for your upcoming summer


Besides the crowded streets and shopping centers of the tourist capitals such as Bangkok or Beijing, Asia also has a lot of wonderful places which can be ideal for your summer holiday. Look at the suggestions below to find the best place for you.

Bali, Indonesia

As one of the most popular summer destinations in Asia, Bali evokes an image of a paradise with enchanting light. Summer is also a great time for you to come here to enjoy sandy beaches and lively nightlife on beautiful Kuta Beach. Traveling to Bali is also a journey of exploring the ancient ruins and immersing in the history and culture of Bali. You can relax on the Balangan beach or laze yourself and see surfing on Canggu beach, then climb the mountain Batur to admire the beautiful sunrise. The famous Uluwatu temple is also a favorite destination of many visitors when coming here.

Bali, Indonesia

Perhentian Peninsula, Malaysia

If you are finding a summer vacation destination then Perhentian in Malaysia with clear water and interesting water sports will be a perfect answer. Dubbed as a precious pearl of Malaysia, Perhentian is renowned for its gorgeous beaches and peaceful islands. Let’s take a stroll through the islands to visit the marine park then dive to see the orange and black striped Nemo, sea turtles and gentle coral sharks.

Okinawa, Japan

To be honest, you can visit Okinawa in Japan at any time of the year to enjoy its stunning culinary art but the subtropical atmosphere of this city is definitely the most attractive thing every summer.

Traveling to Okinawa, you can admire the colorful flowers, the vivid scenery, and enchanting sandy beaches. Take a time to explore more than 160 islands here, hike and bird watching in the Ufugi Nature Museum or take part in diving in Miyako Island. If you are a fan of history and culture, head to Shuri Castle built from the 14th century.

Okinawa, Japan

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is considered one of the best summer vacations for first comers to Thailand with numerous luxurious private bungalows and villas. Moreover, this island is renowned for pristine beaches next to Michelin-starred restaurants. If you are a yoga enthusiast, the courses with local teachers are also a good choice.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Not only is Hoi An the most peaceful city in Vietnam, but it is also the best summer destination for travelers when taking Vietnam local tour. Between the 1400s and 1800s, Hoi An was the main port of Vietnam and now is a World Heritage City with hundreds of buildings and historic sites. Coming here, tourists can admire the temples and heritage buildings, walk through the famous Japanese bridge or buy yourself the Vietnamese traditional costumes.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Dubbed as the jewel of Sri Lanka, Kandy is a charming place which you cannot miss in your Asian package tours. In fact, the hillsides of the city are surrounded by carefully chopped tea gardens and clouds. You can take a stroll around Kandy Lake, then visit the Temple of the Tooth – one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites of the Buddhists in the world. In addition, enjoying tea at Ceylon Tea Museum or admiring more than 300 kinds of orchids at the Royal Botanical Garden is also a great way to relax. If you are into adventure, let’s take a walk through the jungle in Hanthana Mountains.


Borneo is the third largest island in the world and under the sovereignty of the three countries: Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This is a perfect place for those who want to explore the natural and wild world. Summer is the best time to look at the orangutans in nature. White turtles can also be seen on Lankayan Island during this time.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia

You will find some of Malaysia’s most beautiful beaches in Langkawi where you can enjoy an uncrowded atmosphere. This is a summer destination with a harmonious combination of luxury spa, stunning seafood and pristine beaches surrounded by evergreen landscape. You can start your trip here with a glimpse of the scenic sky from the famous Skybridge or walk up to Gunung Raya to see the panoramic view from the highest mountain on the island. Traveling around Dayang Bunting and Beras Basah or snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park is also a fascinating experience.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is one of the best beaches in Vietnam where you can spend your dreaming holiday due to its cool climate all year round. Coming here, besides immersing in gorgeous clean water sea, tourists have the chance to take part in interesting activities such as parachuting, water motorbike, surfing or diving to see the colorful coral reefs. You also should not miss the wonderful moment of sunset and sunrise on the beach.

Guilin, China

As one of the most famous destinations in China, Guilin is well-known for its beautiful karst limestone terrain.  Coming here, take the time to admire the majestic limestone mountains and the famous Guilin River on a boat. Then, you can visit Longji terraced fields, Hang Say and the temples of the city.

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