Ba Na Hills


Ba Na Hills is considered “a green lung”, a “jewel” for the climate that nature offers Da Nang. Visiting Ba Na, tourists not only enjoy the fresh air, green, clean beautiful but also admire the beautiful scenery that not many resorts have. In Ba Na, there are four distinct seasons in one day: spring in the morning, summer in the noon, and afternoon will be cold and freezing in the middle of the night.

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Located 25 km from south-west of Da Nang City, Ba Na is 1,487m above the sea level, with a cool year-round climate and an average temperature of 17ºC – 20º C. Therefore, Ba Na has become a tourist destination in Da Nang that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.


Not only does Ba Na provide fanciful, sparkling beauty with fresh air and four weather seasons in a day, but also bring to the mountains and forests that appeals many tourists. Ba Na glows like a spring garden all year-round with the moisture from the sea. The green vegetation and the pristine forests make visitors especially excited with the precious trees such as agarwood, Burmese rosewood, orchids. At the altitude of 1,400 meters, sub temperate flowers are blooming all year round; the large bushy, thick forest is filled with soft dark spines. All show vigorous wildness that is rare in other mountainous areas.

Ba Na Hills via Kenh14

From above, visitors will contemplate the entire magnificent nine cascade Toc Tien waterfall. Coming to the peak of Ba Na, you will see all the scenery spreading from Hoa Vang plain to the hills of Hoa Cuong, Hoa Trung, Son Phuoc … Ba Na allows you to capture the landscape of blue water from Han River in the south to Cu De River in the North, Son Tra Peninsula, watching Da Nang city sparkling in the night.

Visiting Ba Na, you also have the opportunity to contemplate Ba Na cable car system with 4 world records, but if you thoroughly investigate the construction of this cable system, many people have to admire and add two more: no need to use helicopter and special bridge system; no deforestration to bring equipment, tools, materials, and other necessities.

 4 world records:

– The longest cable (5,801m) of all available cable cars in the world;
The cable has the highest difference in the world between the starting and ending station (1,368 m)
The cable route has the longest total cable length in all available cable cars in the world (11,587m)
The world’s heaviest weight cable (141.24 metric tons).

This is also the only cable line in the world at the same time obtaining 4 Guinness world records.

Come here, visitors also experience and enjoy:

– The climate is from summer to winter when traveling on cable

– Climate changes 4 seasons of the day

– Toc Tien waterfall – a beautiful waterfall associated with the legendary mystery

– Chua Mountain – the origin of the name Ba Na

– Bell- shaped peach blossom – a symbol of Ba Na

Bell-shaped peach blossom via

Ba Na Ecotourism has special climate (mountainous area near the most to the sea city). Resorts, hotels, villas here provide full of tourism services to meet the needs of guests. In the case of the resort full of guests, visitors can apply for accommodation in Linh Ung Pagoda for their journey.

There are often camp fires, promoting mountainous specialties and creating conditions for visitors to visit and enjoy.

Every year, Ba Na welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. If you can stay overnight in Ba Na, you will have a chance to see Da Nang under the sparkling lights, to enjoy the feeling of cold atmosphere and do not forget to wake up early in the morning to enjoy the beautiful dawn on Ba Na mount. One night stay in Ba Na is a chance for visitors to hear the breath of the nature and live in the wilderness. Ba Na is indeed an attractive tourist destination whenever you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang.

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