5 best get-away paradise in Southest Asia


From beautiful beaches to amazing caves, travelers can find incredibly local experiences across Southeast Asia via a list of 5 get- away paradise below.

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Myeik Islands, Myanmar

Made up of more than 800 islands which vary in size from smaller ones with just a few palm trees to larger islands of several hundred square kilometers, the archipelago offers great opportunities for exploration and diving amongst spectacular marine life and untouched coral reefs, with yachts and cruise boats designed for that purpose.

Not only is the white sandy beach, Lampi Island is also a national park with diverse fauna and flora and colorful coral reefs. In the jungle on the island, there are many animals such as python, elephant, deer, flying squirrel, fly …

The appropriate time to go is from October to May.

Myeik Islands, Myanmar Scuba Diver Life

Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

Koh Rong Samloem is a peaceful ‘getaway’ destination which is much more tranquil and also much less developed than the larger island known as Koh Rong situated about a ten-minute boat ride to the north The scene on the island is like a postcard: white sand, clear sea water with many tropical plants. There are several luxury hotels in addition to the motels.

Not only enjoying the ‘white sandy blue sea‘, visitors who like to explore can go deep into the jungle to admire the diverse fauna and flora. Samloem is being actively protected by the Wonderful Wildlife of Samloem project to maintain the unspoiled natural beauty of the island, keep the pristine beaches clean and minimize the noise and light pollution that impacts the indigenous animal population.

The appropriate time to go is from October to May.

Con Dao, Vietnam

Con Dao is the biggest archipelago in Ba Ria- Vung Tau province, Vietnam and is also the most famous one in term of tourism. This archipelago contains 16 islands with the total size of 76 square kilometers, and the largest among them is Con Lon Island. Con Dao is notable for its paradoxes, namely one of very few “Hell on Earth” – Con Dao prison and the wonderful natural scenery with the ocean, mountains and grass field getting together. This abnormal combination explains for astonishing looks at the island: the beauty of nature and the evilness of human.

16 islands form a Con Dao as paradise. Blue sea water, smooth sand, brilliant coral, dense tropical forest, melaleuca trees … in the beauty of nature here.

The appropriate time to go is from October to May.

Vieng Xai, Laos

The caves around the village of Vieng Xai were home to the Pathet Lao leadership and thousands of civilians for almost a decade during the ‘Secret War’ that the United States of America waged on Laos between 1964 to 1973.

A number of important relics remain and the caves have been well maintained, with plans to gradually open more of them to visitors. It’s currently possible to visit the caves and small rooms where the likes of Prince Souvannaphoum and Kaysone (the founding father of modern Laos) lived during these years.

Most of the tourists to Laos come to the three places of Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, and Vientiane but miss Vieng Xai, a limestone area with jade fields in Hua Phan province bordering Vietnam.

In addition, there is a cave system that visitors are forced to explore here.

The appropriate time to go is from October to April.

Vieng Xai, Laos via Peter Alan Lloyd

Phu Ket, Thailand

Phuket is among the world’s finest beach destinations, with fine white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas, and lively towns. It has something for any taste and budget, with hundreds of hotels to choose from, a wide choice of dining and partying options.

Beautiful beaches — Phuket is an island surrounded by beautiful beaches with soft white sand and clear blue waters. Tourists flock here for the beaches and warm waters, so you won’t be enjoying any stretch of sand alone in Phuket.

Warm weather with ocean breezes — Phuket has a tropical climate with a relatively short rainy season in September and October. The weather is gorgeous on most days in Phuket with abundant sunshine, clear blue skies, and nice ocean breezes. However, daytime can be quite hot and humid for some people.

Friendly, gentle-natured people — Thai people are some of the most gentle-mannered people on the planet. Friendliness and kindness are part of their culture, which makes for a hospitable environment for tourists and expats. Moreover, the local Phuket residents have an innate laid-back and relaxed islander nature to them.

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