10 interesting things you may not know about enchanting Myanmar


Men wear skirts,locals  love to eat betel, whistling to call a beer … are of the many interesting things you may not know about Myanmar.

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1. Celebrate New Year by a water festival in April

Every year, Burmese people often hold a water splash festival to celebrate New Year’s Eve, usually in mid-April. The Burmese New Year is known as Thinyan, similar to it’s neighbors Thailand or Cambodia. Burmese people also splash water with the hope of washing away bad luck of last year and wish a happy new year.

2. Beautiful beaches

Burma’s coastline stretching over 2,000 km that has not been exploited much, so the beaches here still remain intact. Traveling to Myanmar, nothing is more enjoyable than relaxing on charming beaches of Bengal Bay, especially Ngapali Beach, just 45 minutes drive from Yangon.

Ngapali Beach

To reach Ngapali beach, it will take you about 45 minutes flight from Yangon. Ngapali Beach is not only the most famous beach in Myanmar, but also one of the most pristine beaches in the world with beautiful natural scenery of pure white sand beaches, lush green coconut trees and blue sea with whispering waves.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Located in the South of Ngapali beach, 35 minutes flight from Yangon, Ngwe Saung is considered as a new destination in the luxury tours to Myanmar, here, you will discover the quiet pristine beaches on the Indian Ocean coast, a pleasant place to relax after days exploring the beautiful country of Myanmar.

Ngwe Saung Beach via Agoda

3. Remember to bring cash and do not let them creasy

In Myanmar ATM counters are not avalable in every corner, so tourists should never forget to bring cash during the trip and do not leave them too “ugly”, otherwise it will be difficult to use. In addition, tourists should note that credit cards and other modern payment methods are only acceptable in 5 star hotels and restaurants.

4. Whistle if you want to order a beer

Whistling to call the waiter is a unique feature of Burmese culture, so do not be surprised why whistling sounds everywhere.

5. Hotel prices are quite expensive

Due to the insufficient for hotels qualify to meet the growing demand of Myanmar tourists, accommodation price are often higher than that in other countries in the region.

6. Men wear skirts

The traditional Burmese costume is Longyi, a skirt wrapped around the waist for both men and women. Women usually wrap their skirts in layers and skillfully tie them on their hips, while men knit in the front.

7. Eat with right hand

The Burmese have always used their left hand for personal hygiene, so only the right hand has the “right” to eat and do the worship.

The people of Myanmar eat only two meals a day at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. They are actually lunch and a snack. A typical Burmese meal includes steamed rice, fish, meat, vegetables and soup, and all dishes arrive at the same time. Meals are served with plenty of condiments – sweet and savory – and everyone has their own favorite way to personalize a dish. In Myanmar, people do not eat rice with chopsticks. Indeed, they use their fingers to squeeze rice into small cubes and mix with other dishes. In front of each person is a water pot. Before eating, they wash their hands.

Locals have a tradition of eating, they use their fingers in their right hand to cultivate rice and food and eat without scattering.

Myanmar beer via Saigonneer

8. Newsstand is available in every corner of Yangon

During the period of limited information and media, reading was the only way to reach out to the outside world.

9. Burmese love to eat betel

Chewing betel nuts is a daily habit and preference of Myanmar people, so visitors can easily see the betel shops are everywhere in this country.

Burmese love chewing betel nut, before the entrance there is a considerable ceremony feeling: the process of use with oyster ash of the betel pepper, cut into small pieces of areca nut, and other various spices wrapped up.Last few a string with a toothpick or the small plastic bag, eat slowly, after chewing betel nut, basic it is bare.

10. Nangyi thoke is Myanmar spaghetti

It is an a thoke salad dish in Burmese cuisine made with thick round rice noodles mixed with specifically prepared chicken curry. It has been equated as a Burmese version of spaghetti. The name Nan gyi refers to the round thick rice noodles used while “thoke” means salad. The dish is often garnished with toasted chickpea flour, sliced onions, chilies, crispy noodles, slices of hard-boiled egg, and zested with lime or lemon. Nangyi noodles always satisfy customers every time to Myanmar.

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