Top tips for your first international travel


You have never been abroad? You’d better be careful with unexpected troubles! In order to avoid those annoyance, take a look at this article. The tips below will help you well-prepared  before the journey.

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Before you go

– Spend time to get the visa

– Search for information about your destination before departure, so you can feel more comfortable when you arrive. Check out the travel deals on the Internet if available

– Leave a copy of your passport. For extra backup, leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone you trust. Consider making an electronic copy you can store in your email account as well.

– Look up the monetary conversion before you go. for instance, finding out that one Danish Krone is equal to just 19 cents … bad surprise. Make sure you do your math before you travel to get a sense of where the conversion rate is at.

– Register with your embassy. If there’s a problem in the country, this will make it easier for your government to contact you and get you to safety.

– Do not buy or  pack too many items

– Packages of essential items such as toothbrushes, underwear, facial cream and money should be packed in portable luggage in case of loss.

– Take a cloth bag – for daily use and souvenir stored

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Becareful !!

– Do not leave your passport in a suitcase or backpack, you’d better pin it with the flight ticket and put them into a bag that is always close to you

– Try to remember the passport number in case of losing it

– Write down the addresses of some friends and family members – the people you want to send postcards to them – in a small notebook.

– For any one with history of diabeter or for a vegetarian, contact the travel agency or dealer to arrange special meals on the plane.

– Remove old destination address cards to avoid confusion

– On the day of departure, call the airport to check if your flight is flying on time

– Find out how much your baggage allowance is allowed in custom law

– Buy pure water in case you plan to visit a country where you doubt about its water source

During the trip

– Prepare analgesic in case of tinnitus, hole a sweet candy in your mouth, blow your nose easily
– Try to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration – the air cavity in very high atmospheric conditions is very dry
– Minimize “jet lag” – flight fatigue – by adjusting the wristwatch at local time
– Walking around on the plane to help blood with flow and prevent getting upset when the plane stops to refuel
– Try to sleep in night flights

On arrival:

– Try to stay vigilant, if you are of guard of being tired, you may be easily to become the “prey” of the thief, stealer and robber

– Avoid making long distance calls in hotel rooms, it is expensive

– Make sure you not catch the scam taxi in order to avoid trouble

– If you rent a car, be sure to buy accident damage insurance. Be sure to check the scratches and debris in the car, ask the car rental owners to write confirmation

– Take a “fake” wallet with a little money in case you were robbed

– In hot sun, remember to use sunscreen, sunglasses, hat…

– Check for strong water currents / tides or dangerous waters before swimming / surfing

First aid kit via nursing edu

It is best to

  •      Booking air tickets at least 3 weeks in advance for discounts
  •      Open a bank account where you plan to stay for more than 1 month
  •      Take a vaccination of Infectious Diseases before going abroad
  •      Never let strangers look at your luggage – they may carefully steal it or they may put it in something that will  cause you trouble.
  •      Use a discount phone card to call home
  •      Group travel is safer, cheaper and more fun
  •      Schedule where you want to go
  •      Buy a map if you self-drive or use electric a map if you want to walk in the forest
  •      Find the right insurance policy that includes money, health and operations


     Extremely lightweight, non-volatile sports towel and can be re-packaged when wet
     Bring shaving oil is better than shaving cream because it can save space and lightweight
     A small set of first aid can be helpful in case of minor injuries
     Bring the small but sharp knife to peel fruit
     Wide brim hat or cap for hot days
     Good sunscreen to minimize the risk of skin burns and prevent skin cancer
     Good sunglasses will make you look more “cool” and avoid sunlight
     Headache medication in case you get drunk
     Bring a small raincoat jacket
     Compact footwear, suitable for different occasions

This is the basic advices you need before initialing tours to abroad. If you follow it, you will definitely have an enjoyable trip, no sickness and avoid trouble

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