Top tips for a long day travel


You are eagerly awaiting your first trip but at the same time, you wonder what should and should not prepare for a perfect trip. We would like to introduce you some travel tips so that you can note down for your next journey.

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First and foremost

Whether your long travel day will involve hours in the car, a multi-hour flight, or a busy activity itinerary, a good planning is key. First and foremost, pack plenty of healthy snacks that are easy to eat while sitting in the car or on the plane. Sometimes a snack is all that’s needed to make a little one feel better, and healthy snacks will better allow you to avoid resorting to the unhealthy snacks kids will spot in every rest stop and café. Keep clean too.

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You should not:

Do not bring your thick and heavy telephone directory or address book as they will take a lot of space in your luggage.

Tips: Prepare the list of names and addresses of relatives and friends on a piece of decal paper and paste it on somewhere that’s convenient.

Do not put important property and items in the outer compartment, side, and front of the suitcase. Because it is convenient for the thief and you cannot always hold your luggage all the time.

Do not rush to queue waiting for the plane, train, car while trying to catch up the message on speakers.

You should:

Buy compact cosmetic sets or multifunctional products that fit well into your vacation. You should put the wallet in the front pocket on the left because most people (and also pickpockets) are right-handed. You can also “fool” the thief by putting an empty wallet in the back pocket.

What to bring?

Lemon: Lemon is a good fruit to help you relax, and help detox. Use lemon and put it on the tap when bathing or apply lemon juice to mosquito bites or insect bite.

Personal Bag: Buy a small bag to store small personal items or items used regularly.

The latest snapshot of your baby (if you have children): If your child gets lost, the picture will help the police find your child more easily.

Water: Long flights can cause your body to have lack of water. So, buy some extra water bottles, as the staff is always ready to serve you wherever you go. Taking water to cool off when playing in theme parks. Water is also sold here but certainly not cheap at all. When you go to the beach if you do not like to buy cool water for refreshment, bring the bottles of frozen water because it will keep water cool.

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Wet tissue, sunscreen: Bring a disposable cold towel to keep your body clean, not smelly and always fresh. Sunscreen will help protect the skin when you travel under the sun.

Radio, personal music player, books: These “accessories” will help you relax during the move and throughout the holiday. The price of a radio, personal music player (like MP3, MP4) today is not too expensive. With a personal radio, you can listen to any radio channel, whatever you like without disturbing the other people.

Beware of blood clots: A recent French study claims that people who drive cars travel by planes or trains more than five hours increase as four times the risk of blood vessel obstruction. This danger especially grows up when traveling by planes due to inactivity and dehydration.

To avoid this, you need to keep in mind:
– During the flight, stretch your legs, feet, and toes every 30 minutes.
– Walk around whenever possible.
– When the aircraft stops at refueling stations, take a walk.
– Take a bite, drink plenty of water and limit your alcohol intake as they can dehydrate you.
– Buy a pillow to sleep at the airport. This pillow is very light and helps your head and neck during sleep.
– Do not take sleeping pills.
– Remove shoes to keep your feet clear and relaxed; buy a special pair of socks, thick enough to carry during the flight.

Mark your suitcase: To avoid confusion or loss of your luggage, you should mark your suitcase with colored patches or any sign that is most visible to you. If you travel with your family, buy a suitcase that has same color for the members.

Send Email to yourself: Send an email to yourself with all the important information, such as flight number, credit card number, passport, driver license, in case you lose them, you just need to click on the email. That’s it!

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