Japanese most brilliant year-end festivals


Japan is one of the most famous touristy county in the world thanks to the natural scenery, many ancient architectural works, and very special festivals. Come to Japan at the end of the year, you will be immersed in the unique festival space of traditional culture of this country. The weather in Japan is great for you to visit it.

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Chichibu Omatsuri Festival

Chichibu Night Festival has been held annually at Chichibu Temple in Chichibu city, only 90 minutes by car from the center of Tokyo. The festival was held in the first three days of December and the most interesting activities take place on the third day. At the festival, visitors from all over the city come to enjoy the vibrant, jubilant atmosphere. Guests at the Chichibu Festival enjoy Japanese specialties in street stalls and try amazake, a sweet rice wine for warming up, dispelling the cold of winter.

The main activity of the festival is the boat parade, which takes place on December 3th. In the evening, six large boats are pulled through the streets, to the city square at 7 pm. Six boats symbolize the six city-sponsored gods decorated with lanterns, carpets and wood mosaics. When all six boats have been pulled up to the square, visitors will be able to admire the best of festivals, fireworks in the sky, right on the sparkling boats.

Chichibu Yomatsuri via Haikugirl’s Japan

Bonenkai year-end party in Japan

When the new year comes, every country has its own custom for celebrating New Year. With the Japanese, to celebrate the old year, welcoming the New Year, the Bonenkai party is indispensable. There is no Lunar New Year like in Vietnam, China or Korea but the New Year’s Day of Japan is not or overshadowed in comparison to other countries in the world. In contrast, the country of cherry blossom still gives its own unique traditional culture. On the New Year’s Eve, companies and agencies held a year-end banquet called Bonenkai as a year-end party for their employees, as well as giving Thank you for successful cooperation with partners.

This is a traditional in Japan that Bonenkai does not take place on a certain day. It is held from mid-December until the end of the year. The space chosen to host Bonenkai is a restaurant, the cafeteria which is large and airy, and must be traditional Japanese style with long tables so that everyone can sit around creating a cozy atmosphere. Basically, the Bonenkai party is a feast of beer, wine. Due to the cold weather at the end of the year, hot pot is always the most favorite. However, no matter how big Bonekai party is, it will never lack traditional dishes that make up the soul of the party. In addition to sushi, shashimi, Japanese often choose toshikishi soba (buckwheat noodles), because they believe that long and tough soba noodles symbolize longevity and good luck so it will bring them health and long life. Finally, a dish that can not be ignored is Mochi rice cakes served with Ozoni soup.

At Bonenkai year-end banquet in Japan, it seems that people are closer, more opened, friendly and sympathetic. With such a warm-hearted party, people like to understand each other, all the worries, sorrows and misunderstandings are easily forgotten to welcome the new year with new successes will come to yourself and your organization.

Bonenkai via Prof. Keiichi OGAWA Seminar

Ako Gishi-sai Festival

Ako Ghishi-sai Festival is held every year on December 14th in Japan. The festival is based on an extremely famous story in Japanese history. Legend says that a group of 47 Ronin (samurai leaders) massacred themselves to show loyalty to their prime minister. This is one of the stories that Japanese people love the most and is often referred in dramas, movies and, songs.

The Ako Gishisai Festival is held to commemorate this event and the most spectacular event venue is the Sengaku-ji Temple, home to the remains of these 47 samurais. Attending the festival, visitors are invited to join the marchers: men in samurai costumes and women in traditional kimono costumes. Japanese actors will also play the famous suicide drama that goes deep into the mind of every citizen in the country of cherry blossoms. This is a good opportunity for those who like to explore the unique culture of Japan.

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