Unique Japanese cherry blossom dishes you may have never heard of


Cherry blossom – Sakura in Japanese – are not only the national flowers, it is also brought into culinary art in a unique and creative way. Japanese people also think that food from cherry blossoms will give good luck, safety, and health to them. So, if you have a chance to visit this beautiful country, do not forget to enjoy one-of-kind dishes made from Sakura.

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Cherry flower tea

Cherry blossom tea is a traditional Japanese tea. The tea is made with salt cherry petals that still preserve color and flavor. Enjoying cherry blossom tea is not as sophisticated as doing tea ceremony and it is often used in the wedding as a drink to bring good luck. Tea is pure, elegant color, the taste is quite similar to common tea but emits more delicate aromas. Cherry tea also is used for losing weight purpose so that it is very popular among Japanese women.

Cherry blossom mochi cake

Sakuramochi is a traditional Japanese wagashi pastry including 3 main parts which are the pink rice-shell covering a red bean paste inside and the outermost layer is a salted cherry leaf. The cherry blossom mochi is usually sold in March, April and especially in the doll festival in Japan.

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Sakura Yokan

Sakura Yokan is a traditional Japanese jelly. The pieces of yogurt are like a piece of art with a red bean inside making many people fascinated. Sakura yokan will be a great suggestion for cooling off on summer days.

Cherry Cream Cake

The cherry cream cake is made in a similar way to other cream cake but in the top layer, the baker will be very skillful to put in the salted cherry petals. The cake has two layers, a white layer, and a pink top layer, creating a subtle flavor between the sweet syrup of cheesecake and cherry blossom.

Cherry cream

The cherry cream is one of the most popular cherry blossoms in Japan; Especially in the cherry blossom festival season. The color and flavor of the cream is made entirely from cherry flowers and containing no artificial colors. To make the impression, many shops use salted cherry petals to decorate the top of the ice cream.

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Sushi cherry

Sushi is probably not strange to those who love “the country of the sunrise”. However, it is not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a special sushi made from cherry blossom because it is only on offer in cherry blossom festivals. Sushi is covered in pink and its fume is extremely attractive. This dish is usually served with fish. If you come to Japan on festive days, do not forget to visit Tsuyama or Okayama to enjoy the unique cherry sushi.

Cold cherry blossom

Not only being used as baking ingredients, cherry petals are also powdered, then knead together with rice flour to make the pink noodles with the characteristic taste of the flower. Cherry noodle is often eaten with high-quality soy sauce and is very popular in Japan.

Salted cherry flowers

Cherries are relatively short-lived, usually blooms and decays within two weeks. So that, if people want to use them for year-round, the Japanese have to salt the cherry flowers. The flowers that are selected must have hatched at least 7 parts and still contains the flower stems. For centuries, the Japanese have devised a method of salting flowers that can hold both the taste and color of flowers. The flowers will be soaked in apricots vinegar to retain the pink color and then soaked in salt for 3 to 4 weeks and finally dried. Salt cherries are used in various dishes and are important ingredients for making unique cherry tea.

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