Myanmar: 10 delicious dishes that will melt your heart


Since Myanmar opened its doors to the international world, tourists have been exploring a mysterious country that has been separated from the rest of the world for 50 years. Like others Southeast Asian countries, restaurants and eateries in Myanmar tend to specialize in a special dish or a particular culinary style. Myanmar cuisine emphasized in divesifying ingredients and taste, tourists will have opportunities to taste Myanmar unique food that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

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1. Tea leaf salad

Tea Leaf Salad is a snack or appetizer. This is maybe the most popular dish in Myanmar. The leaves are fermented, slightly sour and slightly bitter, mixed with small chopped cabbage, tomatoes, crispy peas and other nuts and peas, some garlic oil and a few spicy chili peppers. However, this dish is also considered a stimulant, so visitors are often reminded not to enjoy too much if you want to have a tight sleep.

2. Shan rice

Known in Burmese as nga htamin (fish rice), this Shan (one of the country’s main Buddhist ethnic groups) dish combines rice cooked with turmeric, squeezed into a circular dish, then put on a slice of freshwater fish, sprinkled with garlic oil, on top of the rice is sprinkled mixture of leek bristle, cloves and crispy fried pig skin.

Burmese curry via A Bigger World

3. Myanmar curry

Curry is a dish that is served in any eateries in Myanmar, which is not only a food but also a great culinary work. Curry is usually made from pork, beef or lamb meat, served with rice with a small bowl of soup and a large tray of fresh vegetables such as sour salad, fried vegetables, and other herbs. Curry is a typical dish of Myanmar. At the end of the meal, you will enjoy a traditional Myanmar dessert – a traditional lacquer tray with a cup of tea made from palm trees (with sugar or not), sip along with nuts.

4.Foods in the tea shop

Tea shops in Myanmar are not only for enjoying tea, it is also a place to regularly organize cooking courses and serve traditional dishes. Myanmar tea shop will be a great place for tourists to explore the traditional Myanmar culture and lifestyle. Indian or Muslim tea shops tend to serve light snacks or salty fried foods, such as samosas or poori (fried bread served with curry potatoes) or toast like nanbya (naan). Chinese tea shops often serve grilled cakes or meat dumplings.

5.Pastry snacks

Unlike western sweets, sweets in Myanmar are referred as “moun”. Snacks are usually served with tea in the morning or in the afternoon. And unlike candies in other countries in Southeast Asia, moun is usually not packaged with sugar instead, coconut milk or fruit are used as a sugar replacement. Popular street food in Yangon is usually fried foods such as spring rolls, salty donuts, fried bread and other noodles, served with sweet and sour mashes made of tamarind. Unlike western sweets, sweets in Myanmar are collectively referred to as “moun”.

6. Fried

Burmese have a great passion for greasy dishes, so fried bread of all shapes and sizes are the most popular food found on streets.

Shan rice via Du lich Myanmar

7.Tofu noodles

Tofu noodles are one of the most delicious dishes in Myanmar. The noodles are not really made of tofu but a porridge made from green peas, covered with a layer of noodles, seasoned by chicken, and pork, green vegetables, and peppers. It’s a weird combination but it’s really fascinating.

8.Nangyi thoke

Nangyi thoke is a dry noodles served with all natural fresh chicken, cooked with onion, garlic and tomato fish sauce, garlic oil, chilli oil, shredded cabbage, cilantro, lemon, tamarind and roasted yellow pea powder.

9. Mohinga

Mohinga is often considered as traditional Myanmar cuisine. Mohinga is a fish noodle dish cooked with herbs and served with a crunchy kernel of banana. This is a popular breakfast dish in Myanmar, which is available in most street eateries, regardless day or night.

10. Shan Noodles

A simple and popular dish, Shan noodles are a combination of spicy rice noodles, topped with pieces of chicken and marinated pork, sprinkled with sesame oil and garlic oil. Shan noodles are usually served with salads.

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